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London 2020: The desolate city we never dreamed could exist

Do you remember the film 28 Days Later? Perhaps, now is not the time to re-watch a zombie apocalypse film. Nevertheless, everyone feels a sense of fear during the sping of 2020. 28 Days Later is famous for the opening scenes which are set in a post-apocalyptic London. The famous scenes in which Jim walks the deserted streets of London were actually shot in the early hours of the morning. The crew were tasked with waking up at 3 am to capture the essence of a ghost town. Little did anyone suspect this would become a dreary reality.

2020’s global outbreak of COVID-19 forced countries around the world to go into complete lockdown. In order to avoid the spread of this novel virus all public spaces closed shop. Creating a city Londoner’s never dreamed could exist.

Living in Holborn, the city centre of London, I quickly witnessed the rapid change in the capital of England. London became a ghost town, recognisable only via the monuments and architecture. The once rammed squares and green spaces became engulfed with eery silence. Unable, to leave the city I have captured the historical moment the world shutdown.

Following the health guidelines set by the government, I have only gone for one walk a day, mainly for exercise and partially for sanity. Here are some photos I have taken of the city on my walks. Each photo was taken during COVID-19 lockdown either at noon or late afternoon.

Please note I always keep my distance from anyone on the street and ensure I don’t congregate or stay in one area for an extended period of time. I hope everyone stays safe in this challenging time and follows the guidelines in order to save lives! I cannot wait to see London bustling with life in the near future.

Friday 18.00 pm party night in Soho

Old Compton Street

The desolate Cambridge Circus

Trafalgar Square Saturday Late Afternoon

National Gallery Closed

Oxford Street Tuesday 12.00 pm

Monmouth Street at 13.00 pm

Neal’s Yard Sunday at 14.00 pm

Chinatown Wednesday 17.00 pm

Popular Pubs usually heaving with customers

No crowds outside of Primark

Old Compton Street

Newman’s Row

Regent’s Street Saturday afternoon

Wardour Street

Floral Street

Piccadilly Circus Saturday afternoon

Covent Garden

On the plus side, I finally have time to take in some of London’s stunning architecture

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