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WIFI, Wizarding Information For Invoking.

Innocently logging onto the WIFI with the hope of escaping from her sad life in Stye Village, young Ellery East finds herself caught by a cunning spell that spirits her away to Glass City. Yet all the processing power of the King of United-Evora is not enough to turn back the evil spell, though he does raise a suggestion.

WIFI - Wizarding Information For Invoking, James' debut novel

All she has to do is take the grumbling Prince Derrick and Porto, the goblins’ civil rights campaigner, and seek the advice of Xeliphicus the Unnoble. He may know how to infiltrate the nerve centre of the HTML (High Technology Magical Leader) and crash its servers.

Ellery will soon learn that the WIFI that runs through every household is far from safe!

Behind the scenes