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A brief history of Porto

Porto is a male goblin who has gained fame among humans from his many years campaigning for goblin rights. His recorded age is currently 220 years old, averaging him at around 50 years old in human years. 

Porto grew up in the central region of United-Evora close to the Glass City, he recounted some of his childhood memories in a semi-biographical story that scarcely survives print in the Matica Regions. The book was Porto’s first act as goblin activist. The title ‘A Pigeon Calls at Night’ was printed under the physedo of nonexistent human Wandsworth Wigglington.

In a small excerpt of the book, it states; Alas despite my protests my mother would not cease her claims to us children, we are worth nothing to the land, mischief was our only birthright. She would rebuke the ideas that her children would give servitude to masters like warlocks or witches. We were not to be of service to anyone but ourselves we were a proud line. Any good rich goblin had a thief in their ancestry. Mischief was the only way of life. 

This came to show most species how goblins had been forced into poverty over the years and that they as a group of species felt they could only survive via a life of crime. However, Porto refused to believe that his kind were only destined for mayhem taking great lengths to get his book published. He used his close friend (famous now deceased human writer) Author Praun, to get into publication. His debut book also explained the brief history of goblins working in the jewellery trade over many centuries despite being un-credited by historians. It would be many years until the public would learn the real identity of Wandsworth Willington. 

The book caused much debate at the time from humans claiming it was simply fictional nonsense of some goblin sympathiser. Meanwhile, goblins had quips with the book stating they did not feel it was an accurate portrayal as it was written by a human. Many went on to state that they did not feel they could only become slaves or criminals. Other goblins hated it’s narrative for indicating that goblins wanted to live like humans calling this biased opinion. 

Nevertheless. Porto continued to write. He later went on to discredit old myths and tropes about goblins history in his book ‘The age-old myths debunked’. In this book Porto explained how goblins had been forced to work with warlock and warlords. In his book he claimed how the portrayal of goblins as characterture evil sidekicks was hurtful and demeaning. He also delved into the speciesist way that goblins were assumed to be greed-driven creatures obsessed with gold.  His book gave the first insight into the incredible skills goblins have to notice values of real jewels and gems. Noting they can not only detect fake gemstones but also see the magical values hidden in certain items. It was here that Porto elaborated on his personal hopes that humans and goblins could live peacefully amongst each other. 

His last book ‘Fungus our Friend’ was a detailed goblin cookbook that has no surviving copy.  which would cause the public to finally realise it was a goblin publishing such in-depth goblin facts. The unmasking of his authorship caused him to be run out of the Matica Region by angry townspeople, while his own kind disowned him for revealing their secrets to humans. 

Goblins found a larger rise in offers for work in the years that followed. Often they would be sought to work in many trades involving gold, money or jewellery. However, this was not enough development for Porto who felt his kind were not branching out into other fields like the dwarfs and elves. 

Porto had since settled in a new town near the borders of Matica region next to the rapids of Loland. It was here Porto attempted to build a swimming sports team with local goblin youths. It was his hope he could stop these younger goblins forming gangs and starting a life of crime. Unfortunately, this would again cause anger with the goblins especially with gang leaders who had built a large business in the area. Porto would end up having to flea his newfound home again after he was attacked by local thugs. 

Thankfully during this time, his books had managed to get the attention of the royal family, and the ruler Louis III passed laws of goblin integration for his city. The king went onto claim that other regions should follow in-suite and progress toward an inclusive future as imagined by his mother Queen Poppy.  During this time Porto had a brief amount of popularity with goblins and humans. Sadly this popularity was short-lived due to the animosity caused between goblins and humans who now were forced by law to coexist peacefully. 

In a rebellion humans burnt down several libraries that stored his works, leading his books to become extremely hard to locate. Porto began to travel the lands trying to assist in petty wars or disputes in local towns. However, his work as a goblin activist often came with any recognitions. Indeed on several occasions, he was nearly killed by the street gangs called the Yubbies. (A prominent street gang of the central region of United-Evora, consisting mainly of goblins). 

However, Porto possessed a resilience to such persecutions and dangers. On more than one occasion Porto had been able to get out of very dangerous conditions. His most famous conquest was against the old crone Ivy who held a small goblin slave camp. He later attempted to rally against the rise of the Yubbies in order to protect the humans of his local village. This outraged goblins so much that Porto ended up being stoned by his own kind.

In later years he began protests for equal pay for goblins in Glass city. His peaceful protest resulted in riots. Somehow Porto did the impossible and gained an audience with the King without permission of the courts. He was able to argue his case and the king agreed to his terms. The act moved Porto so much that he decided he would like to move to the city. 

He is the first goblin to live in a human household in any city, and had remained in the base of glass city for over forty years. Porto never married a goblin as his own kind who viewed  him as too human. 

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