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A brief history of Glass City

Glass City of United Evora

The Glass City is one of the youngest cities in United-Evora. However, its construction and ties to the magical community goes far back to the ancient years. The 1,500 square kilometres that make up the city were once a thick woodland where few ever tread. The earliest inhabitants to build in this area were witches and warlocks. However, they would later leave the region during the great woodland fire of the year 400. Archaeologist and historians would only be able to confirm these facts thousands of years later when they discovered the remains of a temple for the Ether of Magic. Nobody is sure what became of the temple, but it is assumed to have been destroyed during the multiple wars against magical and non-magical beings.

The old town of Glass City is the original plot of land conquered by humans. Despite all the modern tall glass skyscrapers that now stand in the old town this is borough is full of history. Originally the land was claimed by the conqueror Empress Angelica. However, for the next 500 years, this land would only consist of private property for the royal family of Ev. (Old evorian for Evora). The first ruler of the central region, Empress Angelica, was rumoured to have been in a relationship with a powerful warlock of this region. Which would make sense when examining her reasons for deciding on this location to build her empire.

Empress Angelica wanted her castle to be built over the supposedly sacred grounds where the temple for the Ether of Magic was said to have fallen. When the castle of Empress Angelica was destroyed by the dragon of Aumura, her son and successor Jasper took the throne. Emperor Jasper decided to rebuild the palace where it stands today. He believed his mother had not picked the correct sacred spot causing her unfortunate demise. There are still remains of Empress Angelica’s castle located in the old town near the Fisherman’s Market.

It was many years later under the reign of Louis the II that the city made of glass began. It was during Louis’ 18th birthday that he commissioned to have the Palace of Glass created. This peculiar request would eventually lead to the city being developed around the palace.

During the demolition of the old palace, of Emperor Jasper, workers uncovered the hidden bunkers to the temple for the Ether of Magic. These bunkers caused great intrigue to the royal family who requested everything be dug up. During excavating many ancient magical relics were said to be uncovered. These relics were later imperative to the creation of the city you see today.

Without these magical relics, the glass walls of the newly built palace would simply shatter. It is magic that is used to maintain it’s delicate appearance without being destroyed by rain, hail or storms. You can see plaques indicating where these magical relics were placed around the palace grounds. Each relic is buried deep within cement and guarded by armed forces, even to this very day.

The first signs of a city around the glass palace also began under the same rule of Louis the II, when he opened the first forum in the central region of United-Evora. It allowed people in different towns to trade safely under the protection of the King. During early ever after era’s there was still animosity between other clans and species. It was for this reason that the forum possed plenty of danger for the royal family. Therefore, it became imperative for Louis the II to build a fort around the palace.

This lead to the creation of the army of the Glass City. Houses were then created for each soldier of the army to allow them to be based within the fort, by the palace. Initially, the homes were made out of tin and metal. It was much later that glass was added to give the buildings a more decadent appearance. Buildings for workmen and locals were slowly added as the years progressed.

The city was continually built over the years becoming a melting pot for any creature to live, however, it has a dark spot in history. During the rule of Queen Poppy the ancient fortress beneath the city had finally finished being excavated. The fortress ran down for miles and could be used to hide dozens of citizens. Queen Poppy used this as a reason to banish the soldiers, who had lived in the luxury of the fort, to live below the city. They would be the secret weapon used during the Giant Wars that lasted for nearly forty years.

During the Giant Wars, her first son Lionel began crusades across the lands making Glass City supreme ruler creating United-Evora. After the Giant Wars ended, many had become emotional and divisions between humans and non-humans flourished. Queen Poppy having lost one of her son’s in the crusades against giants became lost in fury. She dug up her remaining army from the base ordering them to eradicate the in-pure in her city in exchange for there freedom. This meant killing all the non-human creatures living in the city. (At this point in time the species in the city would have been mainly dwarfs). During the ghastly attack on the city the old eastern quarter was destroyed. The Eastern Bloc now holds a memorial space and museum in place of this once beautiful area of the city.

Thankfully Queen Poppy was disposed from the throne, by none other than her only surviving son. King Rupert had a more tolerant view of different species and magic and was a great ruler for his time. Nevertheless, he felt guilty for disposing of his mother and her destructive reign. He was able to gain help in the matter with Xeliphicus the unnoble who would be the royal advisor for three more generations to come. With Xeliphicus at his aid, Rupert created the first royal decree. (The royal decrees are now issued by each new heir to prove they are worthy of the throne). The first-ever decree ensured The Base would only be used as a fortress in times of war, and the royal family would focus on making it a safe haven for those in need.

The Base was indeed expanded on for most of King Rupert’s rule. Unfortunately, it would become neglected after his successor took the throne. The Base has since become the home of many of the ever after victims. It is now most famous for being the home of Porto the goblin activist. Nobody has ventured into the base for many years due to a reputation for street crimes and it’s lack of sunshine.

During the beloved Lady Pearl’s rule, the queen was able to declare peace with neighbouring kingdoms and two distant lands. The far eastern royal family gifted seventy glass domes to the city as a diplomatic gift. Lady Pearl was so moved by this gesture she decided to expand the city. She created many decadent homes for her newfound allies. Allowing if they so choose to live permanently. These initial twenty five-domed towers where the earliest skyscrapers of the city. Most of the elaborate skyscrapers would take over 100 years to complete.

Lady Pearl’s grandson Louis III would go on to continue her dreams of peace meeting with goblin activist Porto and lifting the ban on Goblins in cities and allowing them equal pay across the lands of United-Evora.

Today the Glass City is known as the city that never stops moving. This is of course literal! Each of the offices and buildings surrounding the palace as far as the eye can see move around routinely. It is done so slowly to the average eye it looks almost unnoticeable. This strange phenomenon was to prevent attacks for outsiders after several towers were destroyed in the goblin riots. It was King Nicholas who devised the complicated timetable for moving buildings. Prior to this everybody was often late to work having lost their building location. Meanwhile, tourists complained they kept seeing the same things despite moving around the city.

The city now hosts many theatres, museums and houses seventy different species. Its glistening walls are a reminder of the ancient and new magic of today and the power of peace and inclusiveness.

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