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A brief history of Xeliphicus

Xeliphicus the unnoble is an ancient magician whose exploits are riddled in myth and history. The magician accomplished so much in his life that is is almost impossible for historians to list everything.

From what we are told from scrolls, Xeliphicus was the apprentice to the great wizard Leonardo of Fetan. Xeliphicus is said to have mastered the magical arts with patience and determination. During his youth, his family was murdered by a group of rebel Elves who did not approve of mortals learning the craft. Xelphicus blamed himself for his parents’ death for many years. 

Little else is known of Xeliphicus during his apprenticeship years until he became a town magician for his clan. It was during this time he was married to Gertrude as a way to bring prosperity to the clan. Gertrude was fabled to be human and with a gentle disposition. Unfortunately, she never loved Xeliphicus and only for his power and protection he provided. Gertrude had many love affairs with other species which would lead to her eventual demise.  She began a secret relationship with the infamous warlord Apostle who held great power over the realms. Gertrude’s double life leads to her untimely death by the hand of her jealous warlord partner. Unfortunately, the deception and death of his wife, mixed with the memories of his parents’ murder lead Xeliphicus to the dark arts.  

During this period Xeliphicus would acquire souls of the unsuspecting with unfair trades and curses. His first dark deed began with killing Apostle. Thereafter, Xeliphicus took the position of conquering towns. His spells became renowned for always ending in the worst possible scenario. Xeliphicus revelled in the chaos it inflicted especially on the elves who he linked to his parent’s death. Xeliphicus would often take over towns reducing them to ashes, or claiming them as his own. Many tried to fight against him but his powers were too strong. 

Xeliphicus became the leader of warlocks creating his own city for only magical beings. He is the first known leader of the regions of the west where the infamous Warlock City still stands. The city hold some of the darkest magical history of any land. During his reign as leader of the magic Xeliphicus created barriers around the city allowing only magical beings to enter the domain. He left the city in search of more power allowing it to grow as the centre of power. It would be years until the city would become ruled again by the HTML.

Xeliphicus destructive path would last for many decades, until the death of a young boy, who was a mere 12 years old. During a union with Sarissa the voodoo queen Xelphicus asked for more powers to overpower death itself. In order to do this Sarissa sacrificed a young boy in the clan allowing him to gain more power. The merciless act shocked Xelphicus and during the ceremony, it is said Xelphicus had seen every plea of pain from his many victims at that very moment. Consumed with guilt Xeliphicus wanted to die, but found he was now so powerful nothing could kill him. So Xeliphicus sought the family of the deceased child wanting to find forgiveness. 

To his surprise, the woman who bore the child welcomed him into the house. She was a renowned prophet and had foreseen the coming of the magician. She already knew that he would be a great hero for the lands in the near future. Although she could never forgive Xeliphicus for his evil deeds, she knew he could make amends. She requested only one thing that he raised her only daughter to become a good witch away for the dark influence of her coven. 

Xeliphicus agreed to raise this child as his own teaching them the dangers of dark magic. Together they travelled trying to undo some of the terrible things he had done in his past. Xelphicus would help kingdoms in dire need often under the reign of great tyrants. He would do this for over fifty years with his child always at his side.

He was later instrumental in stopping the Giant Wars by creating them their own magical place hidden away from the world. This allowed the giants freedom to roam both the realms so long as they did not destroy any more properties, or steal the crops of farmers. This act leads him to the Glass City where the Giant Wars was still raging.  He was forced to use his magic to stop the now crazed Queen Poppy from completing a massacre on the dwarf and elves of her own city. 

Xelphicus would go onto to serve her heir King Rupert and rest of the royal family as their royal advisor for three generations. It was during this time that his daughter Rosy came down with an unfortunate bout of weeping willow cough. The weeping willow cough was incurable and would eventually kill his daughter. To Xelphicus severe despair Rosy was not a full witch and thus she was not immortal. Desperate that her father never deters back to a path of darkness Rosy placed her essence into a gemstone to ensure she never truly died. She left behind a letter explaining that as long as her gemstone kept glowing it would prove goodness still existed in the world. 

Xeliphicus vowed never to let his daughter down and served in the royal court for three generations. It was during this peaceful era in Glass City history that he wished to do more for the world then advise those in power. Thus he departed the city grounds leaving the stone as a reminder that goodness will always prevail. However, he claimed that the royals could always seek him out in times of war or danger. 

Xeliphicus went onto to preach to magical clans about the evils of hatred, revenge and dark magic. His wisdom became famous across the lands until his abrupt departure for civilisation. It is fabled that Xeliphicus deduced that animals were the most peaceful of creatures in this world and thus he went to live amongst them. It is said he now lives deep in the forests of the south. The exact location has never been confirmed, but he is rumoured by locals of the south to live something called the poison oak tree. It is believed the tree is named like this by Xeliphicus himself. Other sources believe the name indicates anyone who tries to disturb the unnoble will end up in trouble. The last royal to seek Xeliphicus for answers never returned to the city. 

There are several moments regarding Xeliphicus’s life that are not mentioned in this brief history. These have been emitted as there is a debate on what is fact or fiction. Much of Xeliphicus’s history is unclear due to destroyed records and deaths of the historians.  To read more on Xelphicus legends and history please consult the book ‘The Unoble Odisy’.

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