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Create your own hand sanitizer

Using natural essential oils

It has become so difficult to find convenient and easy to use hand sanitizer in 2020. Many key workers are still struggling to find a suitable way to protect themselves on public transport. Thankfully, there are a few home remedies that you can make if you are on the go. With all the spare time forced upon us, why not try your hands at making your own hand sanitizer!

Whilst this recipe is by no means a substitute for handwashing, using at least 60%+ alcohol will keep the germs at bay. By using natural essential oils and base oils, such as vitamin E rich almond oil, you’ll create a fragrant and hand caring solution!

List of ingredients you will need

  • 60%+ medical alcohol
  • Essential oils
  • Natural oils rich in Vitamin E (almond oil or argan oil)
  • Distilled water (you can boil the kettle for this!)

You will also need one container bottle! Preferably a spray bottle as the mixture is more liquid-based then generic hand sanitizers. You’ll find with the other containers the mixture will feel too watery.


  1. Mix 3 tablespoons of alcohol, 5 drops of almond oil (vitamin E) and 15- 20 drops of essential oil. (For my mix I added 5 drops of Tea Tree, 5 drops of Eucalyptus, and 5 drops of Tangerine).
  2. Add the mixture into a spray bottle and shake well for several minutes.
  3. Fill the rest of your container with distilled water. ( Make sure to sterilize your water by boiling it first then allow it to cool down before adding to the mix.)
  4. Shake well and it is ready to use.

Stay safe everyone!

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