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Ms Word vs. Google Docs

Writing tools and which to use

Every writer has a different tactic when creating and writing. As a general rule, pen and paper are still the most favoured / used tools. Even in this modern age, I will still require a notepad for the occasional creative outburst. Of course, during the editing process, nothing is more valuable than a trusted laptop with its digital suite at our fingertips.

As a writer, I need the flexibility to create whenever or where ever I am. Whilst I am certainly not tech-savvy, I have used different editing suites and computer systems over the years. In 2017, I swapped my Microsoft Asus Laptop for a Chromebook. The change in software was strategic for allowing me to share my work with more ease and to store everything I created onto a cloud-based system.

However, I have encountered a couple of hiccups over the past few years since changing over to Chrome. In a world, were authors need to share and edit work in a timely manner Google Docs has become an invaluable tool.

You can read my full list of pros and cons for both suites below:

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