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Get a free signed copy of WIFI – Wizarding Information For Invoking & a free tote bag

As we begin to tread through golden leaves and indulge on pumpkin delights, it’s the perfect time to curl up with a new read. Some of us may feel more in tune with the magical energies from the ethereal realms. Especially as the witching hour passes us by!

What better time to read about the magical world of WIFI – Wizarding Information For Invoking?

WIFI is a fantasy story, set in a modern world where magic now runs through technology, and one society dominates the power. You might find eerie similarities with our current world.
Still unsure? Feel free to check out the positive reviews on Goodreads and

Enter my competition to gain a chance to win a free signed copy of WIFI – Wizarding Information For Invoking. You can also win a free tote bag later on when submitting a review on Goodreads.

How to win a chance to get a free signed copy?

Follow me on your favourite social media platform using the links below :


② Then, share this page using the #WIFITheBook hashtag.

③ The winner will be selected on November 14th so stay tuned!

How to win a chance to get a free tote bag?

Once you have a received your copy of the book you will enter the second stage of the competition.

① You can now immerse yourself into the story. Please take as long as you want to read the book.

② After you have completed the book please leave a review via Goodreads or Google. There is no requirement for 5 star reviews please leave your honest opinions.

③ Share your review with me. This can be done via private message on any of my social media accounts. I will then arrange for you to receive a free tote bag in the mail.

Behind The Scenes

There is a lot of free content available here for you to discover the world of WIFI – Wizarding Information For Invoking whilst you wait for the results. Have a look at the behind the scenes articles here:


Innocently logging onto the WIFI with the hope of escaping from her sad life in Stye Village, young Ellery East finds herself caught by a cunning spell that spirits her away to Glass City. Yet all the processing power of the King of United-Evora is not enough to turn back the evil spell, though he does raise a suggestion.

All she has to do is take the grumbling Prince Derrick and Porto, the goblins’ civil rights campaigner, and seek the advice of Xeliphicus the Unnoble. He may know how to infiltrate the nerve centre of the HTML (High Technology Magical Leader) and crash its servers.

Ellery will soon learn that the WIFI that runs through every household is far from safe!

No purchase necessary. Total of 5 signed copies to be won, each worth £8.99. You must live in the UK to be eligible to receive a free copy of the book. Campaign starts Saturday October 31st April 2020 and ends Saturday 14th November 2020. Winners will be randomly selected based using their social media profiles (must have followed/liked author’s profile/page and shared this page with the #WIFITheBook hashtag, these criteria will be checked on closing of day of the promotion to ensure eligibility). Should you have won a prize, you will be contacted on the social media platform you’ve used for this contest. Sharing this page with the #WIFITheBook hashtag indicates that you give us permission to contact you on social media to announce that you have won a prize. The signed copy of the book will be posted to you via Royal Mail.

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